Laser Gum Contouring

When you smile, do you wish people saw more of your teeth and less of your gums? Do you feel that when you smile widely, your gums dominate your smile? Do you tend to smile with your lips closed to hide your gums?

You are not alone. Many people are unhappy about having a “gummy smile.”

Gum Contouring for Gummy Smiles

In years past, gum contouring (also called crown lengthening or gum sculpturing) was accomplished only through surgery, requiring stitches with a long healing period.

Today, dentists like Dr. Saeghi are employing laser technology to vaporize unnecessary gum tissue quickly with precision accuracy and very little discomfort.

This can often be done in just one office visit, unless the amount of work to be done is extensive. Healing occurs rapidly as the gums re-attach to the teeth.

In this easy way, the shape of your gums can be improved, and the amount of exposed tooth enamel increased. Your teeth will be aesthetically lengthened, leaving you with a well-proportioned smile.

Is Laser Gum Sculpting for You?

Every case is different. Laser gum contouring is perfectly suited for many cases of gummy smiles, but there are cases where the laser technique cannot handle the extremity of the problem. Gum or lip surgery might provide workable alternatives.

For the best evaluation of your own case, call us to find out what technique would work the best for your gummy smile.